Return Policy.

Cameras and gear:

You get 1 week to test it and a full refund if there's any malfunction (or a valid reason to return it back)
After the 1st week: 50% refund
After the 2nd week: 25% refund
After 3 weeks there won’t be a refund.

​If a camera is received with a malfunction, its repair cost will be covered by us, on condition it's reported within a week from purchase. Almost all film cameras are second-hand unless stated otherwise!

​Other notes:

Almost all cameras and gear are second-hand unless stated otherwise!

Films negatives are archived and stored for 2 months from drop off's date and then are discarded.

For Home Pickup Service, the number of days are counted from the day we receive your film rolls.

E6 Films are cross-processed in C41 chemicals.